iPhone Wireless Scanner iOS5

As followers know, last year Apple has blocked wifi scanners from App Store, however till iOS5 it was still available for private usage via WiFiManager bundle... in iOS5, WifiManager bundle no more exists however 80211 functions are still available via IPConfiguration bundle

Detect iPhone users with Radiant Language Extension

if you are a big fan of Radiant CMS (like we are) probably you are using Language Extension for redirecting your visitors to appropriate language pages. How about redirecting iPhone users to an iPhone-only version of y[...]

Decide faster with Hunch.com

Couple of days ago I discovered Hunch.com and joined the beta version of the site. Although I am not a fun of expert systems (I think they’re not expert enough) I saw that hunch team made a really cool product whic[...]

4 Questions to answer when you faced an encoding error in a web service

Encoding non english characters may cause many problems. Especially if you are using a smart text editor, it’s hard to find out what is really happening in the communication because smart text editors are extremel[...]

Google Appengine rocks!

    Since Google announced Appengine, we are all excited about the upcoming news. In this article i want to share some tips for getting started with appengine. Following tips are : general information and regist[...]

Yahoo Pipes Development Tips

While developing with yahoo pipes,  there are a couple of undocumented issues that Developers should be curious about, so that you should decide if yahoo pipes is right for you or not.  First one is how often yahoo bot[...]

Follow iPhone App’s server requests

There  are a couple of ways to follow the server requests of an iPhone application.  First way is using HTTP Proxy on your wi-fi networks settings.  In order to configure a proxy, you need a simple proxy server.  You[...]

AVAudioPlayer on iPhone Simulator

With iPhone 2.2, AVAudioPlayer Class is introduced. AVAudioPlayer  simplifies making an object from a file, start/stop/pause media, volume control and looping.  You can find documentation of this class via Apple iPho[...]

Create iPhone Compatible Page & Detect Mobile Browser

If you want to make a basic iPhone combatible version of your site in a few minutes, download latest XCode development environment from http://developer.apple.com. Install the package and you will find dashcode, inside[...]

Building Linux Modules with Parallels

While I am working on driver development for Linux kernel, I faced couple of problems which took some time and wanted to tell you my way of building modules. In this post, I used  parallels virtual machine on my Mac. [...]